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Up to 150 disks can be managed in this ingenious carousel.
Music CD Solution
Create the ultimate music database... and once your database is built, offers software support that will allow you to find your favorite songs quickly.
Music CD Solution
Imagine you suddenly have the urge to hear your favorite John Denver CD but dread the thought of having to search through stacks of CDs trying to find it. So you grab the first disk in your rack and its "Liberate Sings the Blues"... again. With the CD Carousel this won't happen to you!
With the CD Carousel you open the database on your PC, type "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" into the keyword search, double click and in 3 1/2 seconds you're on your way to a Rocky Mountain high. And you can forget about alphabetizing your CDs and reorganizing them every time you get a new one. Just enter a little information into the database as you add to your collection and the CD Carousel does the organizing for you. "Thank God I'm a Country Boy"...
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