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Storing your CDs / DVDs with
the Ziotek® Media Carousel
If you have a large CD / DVD collection, finding the disk you're looking for can be a challenge. It also takes up a huge amount of space. With the Ziotek CD Carousel, you can both save space and find your albums quickly. The CD carousel enables you to store all your disks in a jukebox system. With our integrated solution, you can select your album in Music Collector and then click the Eject button in the software to automatically rotate the carousel and eject the correct disk.
The carousel is connected to your PC via a standard USB connector. Each carousel can contain 150 disks; you can hook up multiple units (up to a maximum of 127). The carousels are stackable up to 3 units high. You can also manually select a disk by entering its slot number with the keypad on the front of the unit. provides an integrated sofware support for the CD carousel. The devices are recognized automatically when they are connected to your computer, and the software assigns each one a "Storage Device" number. You can then either enter the slot number on the keypad or find it through the software to access any of your disks. It's just that simple.
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