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Clear up the clutter and make more room in your bookcase, shelf, or entertainment center!
DVD Solution
You got rid of your VHS tapes long ago and you're so proud of your growing DVD collection. It's huge! Nobody has as many DVDs as you. But now, what if you wanted to find all your Cecil B DeMille DVDs or all the comedies or anything with a mummy in it? Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to dig through boxes of them trying to find the ones you want? Riffling through racks trying to read the little titles on the sides?
CD Carousel to the rescue! With its searchable database you can find those Cecil B DeMille DVDs with a simple keyword search, you choose the one you want and the CD Carousel hands it to you in seconds. Spend less time searching through boxes of DVDs and more time basking in directorial genius, laughing at comedies and hiding under the sheets!
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